• Jerraleen J. Balais

The Giving Heart

Mom's hands. Nueva Ecija, Philippines. © J. Balais 2019

Her hand she gave

to the love of her life,

Her womb she made home

to her precious children,

Her heart she dedicated

to her family- extended

To the lost, the needy,

shedding light to humanity.

Mom and her plants. Nueva Ecija, Philippines. © J. Balais 2019

Her time was never her own,

she always puts herself last.

Even late at night or early morn,

she prays for the sick and forlorn.

She gives and gives with all her might

even though she herself barely survives.

In material poverty and unspoken agony

she humbly kneels before the Almighty.

"Thy will be done..." she whispers,

when her fears are screaming in her ears.

"Thy will be done..." she claims,

in the midst of her enemies' sneers.

"Thy will be done!" she declares,

in life's 'battlefield' all these years.

"Thy will be done." she believes,

In her brokenness, needs, and tears.

"I'm not as strong as I used to be"-Mom. Nueva Ecija, Philippines. © J. Balais 2019

She gives herself to the world,

and serves the best way she knows how

with all her strength, all her heart,

all her mind, her body and soul.

With all she is, and all she has,

giving and waiting to have time.

Feeling guilty and selfish, to wish

for time for herself - is but a crime.

Now she needs to give the world a chance

to show how great she has led them. Trusting it's all part of the plan

that they, we, and she - will overcome.

"Thy will be done..." she asked.

For grace is given that we may fulfill them.

One of mom's blossoms, from a 30+ year old plant. Her tending to their needs and how the plants grow in her little garden is a metaphor for the beauty of her life, her work, her vision - her heart. Nueva Ecija, Philippines. © J. Balais 2019

"And so it was that she, having waited and endured patiently realized and obtained what God has promised."

22/Aug/2019 11:39pm Phuket, Thailand

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