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EasyCover on Nikon D750

My first impressions on EasyCover camera body protection on my camera. This is NOT a paid review of the product. Sharing my insights for those who maybe looking for a way to 'scratch and bump proof' their DSLRs.

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Even weather-sealed cameras need that extra TLC!

I recently got my first full-frame beast of a cam, Nikon D750. SO excited and sooo happy! :) I am always careful with all of my 'gizmos' not only because I work so damn hard to get them but also because I consider my 'creative tools' as my photography investment and self-care support (doing my passion keeps me sane!).

Having said that, although the rugged Nikon D750 is weather-sealed to the high standards of the D810, it doesn't hurt to add that extra layer of 'skin' to protect its aesthetics. To be honest, Nikon's body design looks really dull but still, I hate to see bumps and scratches on it. That's just me being slightly OC. ;) But why I still love Nikon is because of its ergonomics and functionality.

So I've searched for a camera body protection online and came across many types of silicone rubber skins. Because I want the best value for my money (who doesn't?), I always do my research and product comparisons seriously. The best reviews I have seen so far is that of the EasyCover. There are way cheaper knock-offs or copies sold online but it's one or all of these factors that made me stay away from those: -they don't fit perfectly; -the rubber material smells so bad; -they tear-off with slight stretching as customers put it on their camera; -they don't last long and the rubber goes brittle with the changing temperature; and -the back buttons aren't labeled so unless you memorized all the buttons of your DSLR, it'll make using it a nightmare. I searched the local shops if they have it and luckily, I found one trusted seller who said he received a set as a gift but it was the wrong model for his camera so I got myself a great deal, he gave it to me at 60%-off the lowest price I could find online and shipped it for free!

Here it is:

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover for Nikon D750 - Front

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover for Nikon D750 - Back

The first thing I noticed was that it has no rubbery smell at all which is great. It felt and looked like it's made of high-grade silicone, thin, light weight, soft to the touch but not sticky or powdery and when I stretched it, it went back to its original shape (of course it's rubber duh...Jerlin! hahaha.) I meant, it didn't break into two and I didn't end up weeping.

I also thought it's going to be a challenge to fit the D750 inside but to my surprise, it went smoothly! I slipped the D750 body under the EasyCover after I have removed the straps and gently pulled the silicone cover down. It took less than 2 minutes and whoala!!! Maybe that's why they named it "EasyCover". Truly easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Front

All the buttons fit well and can be pushed easily including the lens-release button. I love the extra ridges in front for better grip. The front command dial also works like a charm. I initially thought it would be a problem, but because the cover is thin, there is no difference in the usage at all.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Left Side

No disturbing 'flaps' like the other 'skins' made for D750. All ports are accessible.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Right Side

Memory card access isn't blocked.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Bottom

Easy access to the battery chamber, tripod socket and battery grip.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Top

Pop-up flash and mode dials aren't blocked. The eyelets for the strap fits well in the holes and I like it that the cover prevents the metal eyelets from scratching the body.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Hot Shoe

It also has a dedicated cover for the hot shoe. I initially don't know how I'd feel about this because I didn't want to remove the actual plastic cover but it slides in perfectly.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Well sealed!

I think it did better than the original hot shoe cover in sealing it against dust or rain.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
EasyCover on Nikon D750 - Back

As you can see, all buttons are correctly in position and labeled for their functions. There's also the extra ridges for better grip, command dial is accessible and the viewfinder eyepiece is unobstructed as well. Can't wait to see if DK-19 eyecup will fit in this, but I see no issue for now, there's enough space for DK-21.

Overall, I LOVE this camera protective cover for the reasons mentioned above and because holding it, it doesn't feel like the camera has a cover at all! It comes with screen protector as well but I didn't use it because my D750 came with a screen protector already. I feel more at peace now taking this outdoors in all weather and will not worry that it'll be scratched tossing it in my backpack some days that I don't want to bring a dedicated camera bag.

Get this if you want something as 'double protection' for your DSLR's body (they have for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras). Prices vary greatly depending on where you are looking so I suggest to check-out the prices on Ebay, Amazon, Lazada, AliExpress, Shopee and your fave online shops first and then check what's available near you. I find that joining photography groups that sell first and second-hand items in Facebook and checking out the FB Marketplace could also give you a better deal but be VERY, VERY CAREFUL in dealing with online sellers you do not know or has few or no reviews--there's a lot of scammers out there. It doesn't make your camera waterproof but will definitely keep it from scratches and tiny bumps. Ultimately, no camera is really safe from 'accidents' (that's what insurances are for). It still depends on how we use it and the little effort we do to prolong its life and usage.

© Jerraleen J. Balais
Looking so 'pogi'! (handsome). My Nikon D750's rugged EasyCover 'jacket' and Lowepro Format 160 camera bag. Ready for adventure!

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