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Updated: Mar 15

And I’m back! It‘s literally been years since my last entry. Covid19 happened in 2020 and is still happening, but the first two years have been really challenging for the whole world and I ’may’ have a separate post about my own journey and perspective in those dark times when I am ready to deep dive back in those moments…but for now I am just grateful for the vaccines, for the frontliners, the health workers who have been tirelessly saving humanity while risking their own lives and for the sliver of hope that this will all be over.

Meanwhile, as the school year is about to end and as usual, it gets busier (exams, markings, reports, preparation for the next academic year, events, etc.) —it feels great to be out and about again doing essential errands for the stuff mentioned above and also a good ‘excuse’ to take a much needed breather.

I am happy to also say that I’m back ‘shooting people’ 📸 again (portrait and street photography) and having conversations with the locals albeit maintaining safe distance and safety precautions which by now have already become a habit, so much so that when I’m not wearing a mask, I feel so exposed. 😅

Happy having that ‘creative spark’ again, I feel so “Heda Lexa” today. So while in my favorite space, it felt fitting to speak in Trigedasleng and say “Your fight is over.” “Over” in the sense that —there’s no more fear, we’ve stepped beyond courage, and all that’s left is ‘embracing’ what is. It’s not surrendering to the battle, but just moving forward.

Here’s my fave Peranakan cuisine at the old town- bakuteh or ‘bak kut teh’ which means ‘meat, bone, tea.’ I love that they are selling it here at Ding Li Ji Fan / ติงลี่ข้าวมันไก่ (Ting Lee ‘khao man kai’ / Ting Lee ‘chicken rice’) restaurant. Khun Ben and the staff are very accommodating. He shared that the shop is more than 3 years old. I remember it because we got excited when it opened and we stayed overnight in town just to try it and it didn’t disappoint! 🥳 It feels like I’m back in Penang Island while in Phuket Island! Both places are my second home. Fusion. Matched with my fave crispy pork (‘moo krop’) and chicken liver—Heaven on the table! 😌🥰😋



© J. Balais Photography
Khun Ben

© J. Balais Photography

© J. Balais Photography
Ding Li Ji Fan / ติงลี่ข้าวมันไก่ restaurant, Phuket Town

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