Hi everyone! Welcome to my online gallery.

I always see LIFE as the most complicated, intriguing, and yet also the most fascinating work of ART. I love all forms of photography, but portrait and street photography are the darlings of my heart. Each shot is a celebration of the beauty and madness of human diversity.
My photography aims to capture these uniqueness, to explicitly reveal, impart, and amplify their messages, their stories;  that they become more than just records of fleeting moments- but a human experience.



Jerraleen (angeljerlin)

© J. Balais Photography

Jerraleen Juachon-Balais is a proud Pinay. She is a teacher and a human rights advocate who has worked in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. She is also a professional photographer who is in love with street and portrait photography. She also covers celebrations, events, and special assignments. She is a member of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) and is a photojournalism graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).

At present, she is having the time of her life working with a non-profit organization in Phuket, Thailand. Besides photography and supporting children's rights and gender/LGBTQIA+ equality, she loves poetry, music, and all other forms of artistic expression.